The Alphabet takes a Journey: Destination Ethiopia!

Come along with the letters of the English alphabet as they journey to a beautiful and mysterious land called Ethiopia! A journey of intrigue that would transport children and adults alike to a faraway land.

In this adventure, the letters of the Ethiopian language - the Amharic Feedel - become the cultural ambassadors, an insightful story tellers. An incredible journey that truly taps into all the senses. The guest letters will take their taste buds for a wild ride with spicy dishes. Feast their eyes with erupting volcanic lava lakes and exotic colony of playful monkeys. Hear the whooshing sounds of cascading waterfall of the Blue Nile. Tease their nostrils with a fresh aroma in a forest full of eucalyptus trees. Feel the joy of playing pretend Kings and Queens in fairy tale castles. Delight in a magic that is Ethiopia.

Feedel & Alphabet. Alphabet & Feedel.

Friends forever.

Enjoy the adventure!